Coarse material transport system

The project consists of the design, supply, construction, commissioning and start up of the gross mineral transport system (crushed mineral) of "Overland Conveyor Belt" and "Secondary and Tertiary Belts and Conveyors" for the "Operational Increase to 18,000 TPD" project - second phase, to be carried out in their installations in Cerro de Pasco (Peru). This includes, amongst other, the engineering, supply, construction and commissioning of the following elements:

  • Seven transfer towers
  • Twelve belts with a total length of 8,000 meters
  • Supporting structures
  • Control system
  • Power supply system
  • Commissioning manuals

Benefits for the Community

School aids, sponsorship both of children's teams and the sixth grade of local schools.

The benefit of the installation has been an 85% reduction in CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by preventing the continuous circulation of motorized heavy goods vehicles within the limits of the communities and improving public safety.