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OHL Industrial, through its Quality, Environment and Health & Safety Policy, pursues maximum client satisfaction through economic, social, employment and environmental sustainability, based on the needs and expectations of all its interest groups, surroundings and society.

The management of knowledge and available project management techniques, in line with its spirit of continuous improvement, covers the following:

  • Prevention of injury and damage to health, according to a zero occupational accident approach
  • Protection and preservation of the environment
  • Fulfillment of legal requirements
  • Supervision of critical activities by specialized staff
  • Use of a documentary management system that guarantees safe and rapid access to each project’s documentation
  • Use of the most advanced computer tools for project development
  • Adequate coordination with suppliers, equipment manufacturers and subcontractors

We are currently engaged in an implementation process of the excellence model in EFQM management (European Foundation of Quality Management) aiming for continuous improvement of processes and the organization.

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