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  • First project in Colombia - Cement plant 3,150 tnd/clinker in Sonsón, Antioquía awarded by Ecocementos
  • Award Conversion of Saih Rawl Open Cycle power plant to Combined Cycle with an expansion of capacity of 65 MW in Oman.
  • First Wind Farm, W.F. 20 MW Valiente in Gurrea de Gállego, Huesca (Spain)


  • First Combined Cycle power plant in Empalme (Sonora, Mexico) awarded by CFE (Comission of Federal Electricity), which will operate with natural gas and with a power of 770 MW and two turbines type H of SIEMENS technology.


  • Updating of two hydrocarbon plants in Oman: the Gas Plant in Saih Nihayda and Process Plant in Saih Rawl"
  • "Manufacturing, inspection and transport of 16 units for the granulated diammonium phosphate (DAP) production plant that the Saudi Arabian mining company Ma'aden is building in Ras Al Khair"

  • Award of the sulphur solidification plant at the sea terminal for sulphur storage and distribution, Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz (Mexico)
  • Award of rhyolite crushing plant in Antofagasta (Chile)
  • First contract in Uruguay. 65 MW photovoltaic power plant “La Jacinta”
  • Award of clinker line of 18 KM long in Vietnam
  • First contract in Jordan. Amman strategic reserve terminal of 340,000 tons of petroleum product and 10,000 tons of liquefied petroleum gas


  • Award of the 35 MW co-generation plant in the Francisco I Madero de Tampico refinery, Tamaulipas (Mexico)
  • Opening of offices in Oman
  • Construction of a 25,000 Nm³/h hydrogen plant in Cadereyta Jiménez (Mexico)
  • Intermediate repumping station in Degollado (Mexico)


  • Opening of offices in Brazil
  • Award of a 60 MW cogeneration plant in Coatzacoalcos (Mexico)
  • First contract in U.S.A. 20 MW photovoltaic plant in Arizona
  • First contract in Chili. Copper treatment plant in Antofagasta, including installation O&M