About us

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OHL Industrial, one of the Group’s divisions founded in 2008, specializes in the engineering and construction of large turnkey industrial installations; it has made technology and internationalization the cornerstones of its strategy.

Throughout its life, it has successfully undertaken more than 120 projects in the refinery and petrochemical sector; it has pioneered the design, development, operation and maintenance of renewable energy plants, enabling it to hold an outstanding position in the national energy market.

Furthermore, in the mining and cement sector, it has executed almost 200 projects and has installed equipment in more than 40 countries, 5 continentes; in the field of fire-figthing protection, OHL Industrial has developed highly effective products, applied to nuclear energy, in all Spanish nuclear plants.

Its highly innovating capacity has enabled OHL Industrial to embark on various initiatives in the thermosolar field, such as the Futuro Solar project, involving the use of technology for direct steam production to replace oil, used in cylinder-parabolic technology.

Areas of activity

  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy
  • Mining and cements
  • Fire-fighting systems and Security